Baralacha la is also called Bara-Lacha Pass. The pass has an elevation of 4,850 m to 15,910 ft and is a high mountain pass in the Zanskar range of northern India. The Bara-Lacha acts as a water divide between the La Bhaga River and the Yunam River. Bara-Lacha La is in the Lahaul district of Himachal Pradesh. The two main streams of the Chenab River, the Chandra, and the Bhaga originate near the Baralacha Pass. The Bhaga River originates from Suryatal Lake. And the Chandra river originates from the glacier of this region. Chandrabhaga river is also known as the Chenab river.

Fable About Baralacha la

Folklore states that Chandra, the daughter of the moon god, and Bhaga, the son of the sun god, loved each other. They both decided to climb the Baralacha Pass to complete the rituals of their eternal marriage. From Baralacha la they both went in different directions. Being clever, Chandra easily finds her way around. And after covering a distance of 115 km it reaches Tandi. And Bhaga had to struggle a lot to reach Tandi. As a result, both of them met in Tandi and the celestial marriage took place.

Baralacha Pass Temperature

The best time to visit Baralacha is from April to October. At this time travelers can enjoy the beauty of nature. The temperature of Baralacha pass remains at minus. In summer, the temperature is slightly moderate. Whenever there is a plan to go to this pass, keep some things in mind. As the pass is covered with snow and the road has sharp turns. And sometimes bad weather makes the route quite dangerous. Wear warm clothes as there is a lot of wind in the high-altitude area. Carry enough water and medicines with you. And the food is available only in the camps.

Baralacha la Pass is 8 km long and connects Lahaul district in Himachal Pradesh with Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir. The pass is located along the Leh-Manali Highway. Baralacha la is surrounded by many beautiful places and a visit to this pass takes you to a different world. Here you feel very close to nature. There are no facilities like shops and hotels here, but there is always a crowd of tourists here.

Manali to Lahaul Baralacha La

After entering Lahaul from Manali, Baralacha la can be reached. It can be visited only during summer. Lots of snow falls in winter. Here you can also enjoy a famous track. This track runs for about a week. There is a trekking route from Baralacha la to Chandra Tal which involves camping and walking at a reasonable altitude and crossing some glacial rivers.


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