Nako village is a beautiful and remote village in Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh. It provides an opportunity for visitors to experience the beauty of the Himalayas and the rich cultural heritage of the region. Nako is located on the eastern edge of the Kinnaur district near the Indo-China border. And it is located at a distance of about 117 KM from the District headquarters of Reckong Peo. Nako Lake is a major feature here and adds to the beauty of the village. The lake is surrounded by mountains and offers a breathtaking view. The village also has an ancient Buddhist monastery, the Nako Monastery, which dates back to the 11th century. And it is considered to be one of the most important monasteries in the region. This village is situated at an altitude of 3662 meters above sea level.

Nako Village Kinnaur

Nako receives heavy snowfall and experiences severe winters from November to March. Summers, from April to June, are mild and pleasant. The temperature at that time remains between 10°C to 20°C. The local population in Nako consists of the Kinnauri, who are a mixture of Hindu and Buddhist cultures. There are a number of hotels and guesthouses in and around Nako village that cater to the needs of tourists visiting the area.

Hotel Norling is a popular hotel in Nako. The hotel also has a restaurant that serves Indian and Tibetan cuisine. Hotel Reo Purguile is another popular hotel in Naco. There are many places to visit around Nako village. Chango Village is a nearby village known for its apple orchards and traditional wooden houses. Hikkim village is a small village located near Nako which is known for its ancient post office. And it is considered to be the highest post office in the world.

Nako Lake

Nako Lake is situated in Nako village. The length of the lake is about 1 km and the width is 500 m. Nako Lake is considered a holy place by the local people. who believe that the lake is the abode of a local deity. It can be reached by road from Reckong Peo or by trekking from nearby villages like Chango or Hango. The reflection of the mountains in the clear water of the lake creates a stunning visual effect that attracts tourists and photographers. Visitors to Nako Lake can enjoy boating or fishing in the clear waters of the lake. The lake is also known for its diverse range of flora and fauna. The surrounding hills are covered with pine and deodar trees, and the area is home to many wildflowers.

Nako Monastery

Nako Monastery is also known as Nako Gompa. This is an ancient Buddhist monastery. The monastery is considered one of the most important monasteries in the region. The monastery is situated on a hill opposite Nako village and can be reached by a steep climb from the village. Nako Monastery was founded in the 11th century by a Tibetan scholar named Rinchen Zangpo, also known as Mahaguru Padmasambhava. The temple walls are adorned with intricate murals and frescoes depicting Buddhist stories and teachings.

A temple dedicated to the local deity Purgyal is located within the complex. Known as “the soul of the mountain”. The Chham dance festival is held annually in the month of July or August at Nako Math. The festival is a colorful and vibrant celebration of the religious traditions of the Math. The monastery has been designated as a National Heritage Site by the Government of India. And several conservation projects have been initiated to preserve the architecture, art, and artifacts of the monastery.


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