Hamirpur Himachal Pradesh
Hamirpur Himachal Pradesh

Hamirpur Himachal Pradesh Tourist Places | History

The district is one in every one of the twelve districts of the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. The headquarters of the district is within Hamirpur city. The district occupies a section of one,118 km2. it’s the tiniest district of Himachal Pradesh. it’s additionally called Martyr’s Land(Veer Bhumi). it’s the most educated District of Himachal and has the very best density of roads amongst all districts of India. Hamirpur Himachal Pradesh.

Carved out from the Kangra district in 1972, the district is closely related to the Katoch folk. it had been a part of the previous Jalandhar-Trigarta empire. Panin cited the folks of this kingdom as nice warriors and fighters. Even these days Army is that the largest lead for Hamirpur, United Nations agency type massive bulks of Dogra Regiment, Jammu and geographic region Riflespunjab regiment, the grenadiers, Hindu Regiment moreover as Hodson’s Horse and Scinde Horse. in fact, Hamirpur is also are in massive no of paramilitary forces. additionally to their repute for being brave and skilled troopers, they’re acknowledged for the strength characteristic of hill folks so earning the name VeerBhumi for Hamirpur as the remainder of Himachal calls itself Dev Bhumi. Even within the trendy days the enlightened youth wanting jobs in the Indian Army thanks to a high perspective of Hamirpur and integrity since old. that’s why they like the defense force of India, Hamirpur Himachal Pradesh.

Nearest Hill Station From Hamirpur

The Katoch folk predominated throughout the amount of Raja Hamir Chand United Nations agency dominated from 1700 to 1740. it had been Raja Hamir Chand United Nations agency engineered the fort at Hamirpur and also the gifted city derived its name from this ruler. Hamirpur is an extremely pretty town. here folks square measure terribly straightforward and honest, Hamirpur Himachal Pradesh.
Hamirpur may be a culturally charming town that is tinted with impressive spots and temples and has drawn the eye of individuals from across the planet. Hidden amidst the craggy city of Kangra, Hamirpur is that the place wherever there’s no dearth of pleasant surprises. The city is one in every one of the unseen hamlets of Himachal which may charm anyone with its natural beauty and cultural innocence. it had been once a vital stopover for all the pilgrimages to the Kangra natural depression. Hamirpur was once dominated by Raja Hamir Chand from 1700 AD to 1740 and also the city got its name from the ruler, Hamirpur Himachal Pradesh.

Sujanpura Tila in Hamirpur may be an illustrious historical and non secular center. throughout the first nineteenth century, the place was home to the illustrious Raja Sansar Chand – a celebrated patron of the Kangra faculty of miniature paintings. There square measure several shrines in Sujanpura Tila alias Murli Manohar Temple, Narbadeshwar Temple, and Gauri Shankar Temple. additionally, the place offers several journey activities to cherish like trekking, stream rafting, Paragliding, and sportfishing, Hamirpur Himachal Pradesh.


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